to make your web

What Works for You?

Small businesses & organizations:
specific needs.

Need more than Wix
but not an expensive development solution.

I try to solve the problems they have
as they need me.

Can I Do Everything?

Maybe not everything,
but I can provide solutions
for a lot of problems.

Some Things I Do:

⦿ New Websites
⦿ Site Redesign
⦿ Updating Logo/Branding
⦿ Update Content (any platform)
⦿ E-Commerce Setup

What If It's Not On That List?

Ask me. I probably do it.

⦿ Small / Med Businesses & Orgs
⦿ Who want to improve their web presence
⦿ Don't have time / knowledge to build a website
⦿ Want regular content updates
⦿ Don't want the Apple website (for $200)

Whom to Refer:

⦿ I'm pretty terrible at sales
⦿ I do best with a warm intro
⦿ You have small / med business and org
contacts that I don't have

Why I Need You: