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Your Brand Matters!

Your branding is critical to how people perceive your business!

Poor quality online or in print, inconsisteny, and confusing or cluttered design are some common problems which can put people off from considering patronizing your business.

See more examples below, and consider how your brand might be negatively affected by these issues.

We can help you find solutions!

Logo Quality

Your logo should be simple and clean. It should be high quality on whatever medium it is displayed.

Dated Logo

A great logo should have a timeless appeal. Font choice, color scheme, type of graphics can date a logo.


Logo Layout

Your logo should fit the medium it is used in properly. It should not be too tall or wide for the application.


Brand Elements

Fonts, colors, even graphic embellishments should coordinate and complement your logo for a consistent look.

Brand Meaning

Your branding language should convey meaning that is consistent with your organization or business.


Brand Consistency

Your brand should be consistent everywhere. It is important to make your branding elements available for services and designers.


Your brand includes your website and email domain, social media, printed matter, signage, vehicles, etc. Don’t forget anything!


Your branding should inspire confidence in your business or services. People should be happy when they see it.


Most importantly, you should love your brand! If there’s anything you don’t love about it, you should change it.